Math Flash Cards FAQ

Q: What is your PRIVACY POLICY?
A: Math Flash Cards complies with COPPA: Math Flash Cards does not collect any personal information, period. The application does not ask for nor store a username. The application does not communicate with the user other than to provide flash card game like behavior. The application does not utilize any tracking, gps, or communication signal whatsoever. ”

Q: How do I add a new quiz?
A: To add a new quiz, tap the plus “+” sign on the top left of the list screen. The last quiz setup is defaulted making it easy to configure a sequence of tests.

Q: How do I delete a quiz from the list?
A: To delete a quiz, just swipe from right to left, or left to right, on the quiz in the list. A delete button will appear that allows you to delete the quiz

Q: When I change the setup for a quiz, the fast time is cleared. Why?
A: The fast time is cleared because the nature of the deck has changed and therefore invalidates the fastest time.

Q: How do I request new features?
A: We love to hear from our customers. Just send us an email at:

Q: What is the difference between “Redo missed cards” and “Try until correct”?
“Redo Missed Cards” re-inserts any incorrect answers to the deck and shows the card again later.
“Try Until Correct” allows the learner multiple attempts to answer the question before the next card is presented.

If both options are selected, the learner can try as many times to get the right answer AND they will be retested on that card later.

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