Star Player Live

Star Player Live enables parents, fans, coaches, and leagues to track stats, play-by-play and scores for lacrosse, ice hockey, soccer, and basketball. Using the free Star Player Live iPhone/iPad App, stats are tracked during the game. This easy-to-use and revolutionary service is now available at the youth sports level.


Fans and parents can view the LIVE play broadcast, games, roster, and stats using any web browser or smart phone.

Only Star Player Live lets you:

Track an individual player, group of players, or the entire team.

Broadcast a LIVE Gamecast to fans, parents, and coaches.

Analyze the players quantitative performance by game and season.

Alert fans with scoring updates.

Note: for athletic departments using this software, you do not have to set up a LIVE Gamecast to access the stats. You can do so from within the mobile application, on the sideline.

LIVE Gamecast on the web

Star Player Live for parents solves the problem of “can’t be there”. Every parent faces the challenge of missing games due to schedule conflicts, work, or other life events. Typically, we resort to texting, phone calls, or email to keep the missing parent in the loop. Using Star Player enables parents to stay up with the game and their favorite star player assured that they are getting the game updates while they can’t be there.

Star Player Live for teams enables a deeper level of statistics tracking more easily and transparent than using paper stats. The entire team can be tracked using one or more devices accessing the same account.

Star Player Live for leagues adds value across the league providing timely updates to game results, especially in a multi-location tournament setting and enables coaches and recruiters to access historical player data. Using Star Player Live, there are no maintenance fees, no website setup costs, no contracts and it is compatible with your existing league management system.

Star Player Live for recruiters allows you to send a scout to a game, task them to follow a player and capture stats to the depth of your interest. Our service is better, and much less expensive than other products.

All of your Team data is securely stored on our scalable cloud-based platform. All Star Player Live features can be configured and set up using the website or the Star Player Live app.

Great Features:

  • Ice-Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Basketball
  • Unlimited Teams and Roster
  • Unlimited Games (scoring of games are purchased via In-App Purchase)
  • Stats appropriate for each type of sport. View for the season, or by game.
  • Free Star Player Live App to record plays and scoring while they happen, at the game.
  • Mobile ready LIVE Team Gamecast enables fans, parents, coaches, to follow the game, review scores and stats. Check out a sample: click to see sample team website
  • Alerts via email or text message (messages credits are purchased in blocks via In-App Purchase)
  • Centralized cloud-based website where you data is stored. You can have Star Player Live App on an iPhone and iPad, using the same account with the same data.


Free Star Player Live Scoring App for iPhone and iPad
Free Star Player Live Account – after you sign up with app, click here to login to the website

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