Lacrosse Star Player

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Lacrosse Star Player is designed for players, parents and coaches. It provides simple to use tally counters and timers for shots, assists, goals, take away, ground balls, intercepts, turnovers, saves, face-off win, face-off loss, field time and game time.

Great Features:

•  Slick electronic player card showing your picture, team, bio, and summary season stats. Great to show your friends.

•  Share games stats with anyone in your address book. No more texting or phone calls required during the game!

•  Designed for players, lacrosse moms, dads, coaches, and players of all levels

•  Easy to use during a game (pop it out when your player is on field, put it up when they go off, and watch the game)

•  Quickly tally offensive and defensive quantitative performance stats

•  Allows you to track your players field-time enabling you a clear view as to how much play your player is receiving

•  Saves each game in the season for post-game review

•  Integrated game clock for lacrosse to eliminate having to ask how much time is left

•  Gives you something interesting and valuable to talk about after the game

Click to go to the Apple App Store for Lacrosse Star Player – only $.99

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