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Math Flash Cards is a fun to use math flash card drill application for iPhone/iPod Touch that looks and works just like your paper based math flash cards.

Boost your memory with just 5 minutes per day using Math Flash Cards on your iPhone. Whether for you, or your kids, this classic math drill application uses the time proven method to memorize and improve recall of arithmetic.

All the key features in one app:

•  Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division

•  Numeric Key or Multiple Choice cards. Using the numeric key pad is important in learning since multiple choice can have the side-effect of triggering recall of the correct answer.

•  Keeps track of time and performance for each quiz and allows retry by selecting from list. The fastest time with a perfect score is stored and is proven to motivate learners to practice and improve.

•  Sequential or random cards. Memorize in sequence and then test in random order.

•  Option to redo missed cards until correct

•  Option to allow several tries to get the correct answer – perfect for practice

•  Select any problem set (great for memorizing sets of math facts such as multiplication tables)

•  Parents and educators can pre-set up the quizzes and limit the number of cards per quiz.  This is a very adaptable program for learning.

Math Flash Cards is the premier quiz tool for math facts on the iPhone. It lets you choose subsets of math facts for kids to drill on, includes both keypad and multiple choice card types and saves previous quiz performance all in one app.

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Selected as Top 10 in the book Incredible iPhone Apps for Dummies (Wiley Publishing).