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Math Flash Cards

January 13, 2010 | In: Uncategorized

Math Flash Cards is a fun to use math flash card drill application for iPhone/iPod Touch that looks and works just like your paper based math flash cards.

Math Flash Cards motivates your learner to memorize every math fact and has options to allow them to focus on select groups of facts to memorize and practice.

Math Flash Cards provides the following benefits:

  • Helps your child with their math fact memorization from 0’s all the way through 24’s (you can set up the card value range)
  • Has both keypad and multiple choice quiz types for both learning styles
  • Gives your child something stimulating to do in the car, on a plane, or while listing to music
  • Shows time and success so you can give your learner a reward

Math Flash Cards is the only iPhone flash card program that looks just like your paper flash cards so there is nothing to learn, lets you choose subsets of math facts for kids to drill on, has both keypad and multiple choice card types and saves previous quiz performance all in one app.

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